Dear Parents and Teachers,

We hope you and your kids are enjoying our book. We want to make your kids laugh — and also provide opportunities to talk about feelings, self acceptance, and unconditional love. To support these learning opportunities, we’ve worked with some of our favorite teachers to create this resource kit of activity sheets and discussion questions.

Lauren & Lisa

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Activity Sheet

What's special about ME?

We are all special in our own way. What would your dog (or favorite stuffed animal) say is most special about YOU?

Boy doing headstand with dog

Activity Sheet

My helpers

We all have people (or pets!) who can help us when we are sad or upset. Write and draw your answers.

Dog licks boy's face

Activity Sheet

Excuse me!

We all mess up sometimes. How can we make things better? Write or talk about your answers.

Boy and his dog burping

Activity Sheet

How Do You Feel?

Our feelings are always changing. Draw a picture that shows how you feel right now.

Activity Sheet

How big can you dream?

We all have different things we dream of doing. Draw a picture of something you dream about.