Boy whispers secret to his dog under covers

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A new book by Lauren Tarshis, the New York Times bestselling author of the “I Survived” series!
Illustrated by Lisa Bronson Mezoff.

Boy hugs dog

Our dogs know everything about us, but they love us no matter what! Our joyful and hilarious book about a boy and his dog is an ode to self-acceptance and unconditional love.

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See how you can use Only My Dog Knows I Pick My Nose to help kids learn how to talk about their feelings as it models kindness and empathy. Our resources include:

  • SEL pre-K curriculum guide
  • Sentence starters for talking about feelings
  • Ideas for exciting read-alouds
  • And more…

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Scholastic Parents
How Lauren Tarshis’ New Picture Book Teaches Self-Acceptance

Lauren Tarshis knows a thing or two about teaching children self-acceptance. The New York Times best-selling author of the thrilling I Survived series is a mother of four…

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It's about unconditional love and acceptance. Enjoy.

Boy, dog and girl walk with stack of paper